Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chaz Bono on Dancing With The Stars

Cher was in the audience to cheer for Chaz.  Each week Chaz is getting more confident and doing so much better.  He has been through alot, to say the least.  I give him so much credit for being on "Dancing with the Stars."  


  1. Hi Elyse - I have not been watching because I feel that the title of the show no longer holds true. BUT - this year's batch does have a very interesting motives - Ricki Lake wants to lose weight; Robert Kardashian wants to stand on his own two feet; and Chaz is taking a stand for his community and himself. I agree, he is very strong to be so out there and those who don't believe it is "right", should just not watch. All that said, the contestant who has everything is JR Martinez. What an incredible soul he has! Enjoy your posts. Love, Dawn

  2. Hi Dawn,
    You are right, I would not consider "The Situation" from "The Jersey Shore" a star. But I do give credit to everyone to get out there and dance live! I could never do that. And JR Martinez IS amazing and I think sexy! He should win!


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