Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Happy Sweet Tooth

 Hi Ladies,

Here are some simple desserts that are healthy and sure to quiet a sweet tooth.
  1. Juice-cicle.   Freeze unsweetened 100 percent fruit juice in ice pop molds or ice trays.
  2. Fruit smoothie.  Blend a small container of low-fat yogurt with fresh or frozen fruit.
  3. Fruit kebabs.  Use peach and pineapple chunks, banana slices, and grapes, etc.
  4. Top off a waffle.  Use a little low-fat yogurt and some fresh berries.
  5. S'more sundae.  Put a single-serving  container of low-fat chocolate pudding in a small bowl.  Top with a crumbled graham cracker and a few miniature marshmallows.
  6. Enjoy a cone.  Fill a waffle cone with cut-up fruit.  Top with a little low-fat yogurt.
Besides tasting good these snacks are energy boosters.  And, these are not empty calories, they provide vital nutrients.                                                      


This info is taken from Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Issue 1, 2011

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