Saturday, October 15, 2011

Have a sunny and breezy weekend

Hi Ladies,
This is our last weekend to get ready for my step-daughter's wedding.  I can't believe that the wedding is next week!  We still have so much to do.  I have no idea what I am wearing to the rehearsal dinner.  My gown for the wedding is not done being altered yet.  I have had three fittings and the last one was a disaster.  I am going again this Tuesday.  Hopefully it will be good!  Still not sure about my shoes. 
My step-daughter had her final wedding gown fitting last week.   We celebrated with a champagne toast.  She is going to be a beautiful bride!  I am going to miss the fittings!  
I think it is going to be very breezy tomorrow.  So, whatever you do have a sunny and breezy weekend!

Look at this site to view a checklist for the bride.. .it is a mile long!
For Kim Kardashian's final wedding gown fitting she flew to NYC with her mom Kris Jenner for a couple of hours.

Fall wedding vows 

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