Monday, November 14, 2011

Celiac Disease

"Celiac disease is a condition that damages the lining of the small intestine, preventing it from absorbing parts of food.  When a person has Celiac disease his or her immune system attacks the villi, or areas along the lining of the small intestine, whenever foods that contain gluten are eaten.  The damage that results from such an attack makes it hard for the body to properly absorb nutrients, causing many people to become malnourished regardless of how much food is consumed.
Found in foods such as bread and pasta, gluten is a protein that can be avoided if people adopt a gluten-free diet.  Such a diet means avoiding foods, beverages and even medications that contain wheat, barley, rye, and possibly even oats.  While a gluten-free diet won't cure Celiac disease, it can cause the symptoms to disappear and help the villi heal.  Celiac disease is often mistaken for Irritable bowel syndrome, so if such a condition has been diagnosed but nothing seems to be working, you should request to be tested for Celiac disease."

 by MC of LI Trends


  1. My husband has suffered with stomach problems as long as I know him (30+ years). My daughter (22 years old) also has problems. No celiac based on tests. Frank (the husband) has created his own diet that works for him. I do not think any nutritionist would think it was a particularly healthy diet (high in carbs) but at 62 he does what he has to do. My daughter struggles & I would love to advise her better. I recently used a website to send chicken soup (with matzoh balls & noodles) b/c Mel (daughter) was sick & the soup went over great. Check out the site; they offer basic soup + lots of extras. it's grandmas; i think. Happy Turkey! Pumpkin Pie is not that easy for some people to digest. I hate it.

  2. Hi Ann
    My daughter also suffered from gluten intolerance and you can be highly allergic without the disease.
    There is a great Dr. in the city that has worked wonders for Tracy.
    if you want more info let me know.

  3. Just checking elyse's page now and saw the comment from Andee; wouldn't mind having that Dr.'s name and contact information. Melony has not gotten help from medical doctors to other healers You can e mail me directly or post it here. thanks, ann


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