Monday, November 28, 2011

Diane Keaton is the new face of Chico's

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One of our all time favorite ladies over 50, the amazing Diane Keaton, who is 65 years young,  is the first-ever celeb to endorse the Chico's brand  clothing line. Keaton will appear in the November issues of various magazines and we will also see her in television ads for Chico's during the holiday season. 
“This is my first [fashion campaign]. I love clothes. Can’t you tell?” said Keaton.

The television commercials were directed by Pierluca Di Carlo,  and the print ads were photographed by Carter Smith.

“Her spontaneity, her wonderful wit and her remarkable eye for individual style are the perfect complements to our brand,” said Cinny Murray, brand president of Chico’s, which is a division of Chico’s FAS Inc.

The campaign...... “Live for the present,”....... Chico's wants to stand both as a personal spiritual mantra and a reminder of the gift-giving season.  I love the double meaning!

“Chico’s embraces being an individual, and I love individual style. They’re not afraid of variety. Chico’s understands women,” said Keaton. 

 How can we ever forget the great style of "Annie Hall" which Diane Keaton won an Oscar for?  I think we all wanted to look like Diane Keaton did in "Annie Hall."  I know I did!
“Love makes the world go ’round. And so do hats and gloves and a fabulous belt,” added Keaton.

And a little nostalgia


  1. la di di da

    "don't worry...we can walk to the curb from here"
    one of the funniest lines ever!

  2. andronynous human being


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