Friday, November 18, 2011

Exercise is cumulative

Hi my ladies,

Butt and Hamstring Press
 We all know how important it is to exercise.  I know that sometimes it is very hard to do.  Whether we don't have the time or are tired or just have no drive to do it.  Yes there is always an excuse not to exercise and I myself  have many.   But.....there are things that we can do during the day to compensate for when we can't exercise. 
 Exercise is cumulative.  At the end of the day it all adds up.  This means that you don't have to do an entire workout routine at a specific time.  There are no rules to when you have to work out.  All you have to do is a little here and a little there and it adds up!  For example if you are standing at the sink in the kitchen, you can do some butt exercises.  If you are standing by a wall, you can do some standing push-ups.  If you are just standing still, you can do a standing crunch (see post) or some squats.  You don't have to be holding weights to work your arms.  Remember, exercise is a mind-muscle connection.  If you think about the muscle group that you are working and really focus on it (tighten and squeeze) then you will build muscle with or without a weight!  Let's not think of it as exercise.  Let's incorporate it into our everyday routine.  Kind of like brushing our teeth.  We really don't want to do it but it makes us feel good and benefits our health.  How many little things can we do during the day to better our minds and bodies!
  1. Take the stairs whenever you can
  2. Park a distance from your location so you can walk
  3. Do squats while you are doing the dishes
  4. Do sit-ups and stretch while you are watching television
  5. Do sit-ups at your desk in the office (see post on sit-ups at your desk)
  7. Find a wall and do a wall push-up
  8. Sit in a chair and do leg extensions
  9. Talking on the a wall squat
  10. March in place or from room to room 
  11. Stand in front of a chair......start to sit down----then get up (works your butt) 
  12. Always stand tall---shoulders back----abs pulled in (If you hold your abs in for 10 seconds it is considered 1 crunch!)

 My dog Ted joined me for some of these exercises. 
Remember.....always bring your belly button towards your back
to support your back.  And squeeze the muscles that you are working.
If you think about the muscle than the exercise will be more effective.
We are women......we cannot bulk up at all from doing weight or resistance exercises, but we can make our skin taut and it will look so much better.  (No more saggy, baggy skin on our bodies)  Give it a try.........IT WORKS!!!!!!

p.s.  don't wear socks on uncarpeted floor....... too slippery

Wall Squats

Leg Extensions

Wall Push-ups


  1. Elyse: You look SO cute and SO fit in all of these pictures!!!!

  2. Soemtimes looks can be deceiving. I don't always practice what I preach....but I am trying! Thank you for the comment BJ.


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