Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Flawless Skin - how to get it


"It's so important to create a daily skin care regimen.  Every day should begin and end with a good facial cleanser or cleansing oil.  Depending on your skin type, the options are endless, from creams and gels to  oils.  Washing your skin removes excess makeup and debris that is on your face from day to day. Even when you don't wear makeup, you should still cleanse your face.
Once you've completed cleansing and the skin is nice and dry, it's on to serums.  Facial serum is an imperative component to achieving flawless skin.  It goes on after your skin is cleansed (preferably in the morning), penetrating deep into its layers to fight away sun damage, bringing vitamins rich in antioxidants into the layer and rejuvenating them.
Next, steps three and four are equally important, because one leads into addressing the other.  Consider lavishing your skin with another layer of age-fighting protection--a facial cream.  A good one that's specific to your skin type will give you that beautiful glow and set the skin for makeup.  Remember that eyes are just as important;  many women forget to use eye cream and ignore the eye area.  The skin around the eye is ten times thinner than the face, so it's essential to take care of it by keeping it moisturized.  If you don't moisturize the eye area, it's far less likely to appear as vibrant and youthful as those that do.  The right eye cream will instantly brighten the eye and "de-puff" it, leaving a nice base for eye makeup.
After implementing these daily routines, there are two additional steps that I always recommend for further caring for your skin-scrubs and peels.  A facial scrub is an excellent measure to take to yield a youthful complexion.  One that contains sunflower oil, oat and/or sage, will stimulate cell turnover and soothe the skin.  Using it twice weekly is ideal, and then the next step is to go on to chemical peels.  There are so many out there today, but I always suggest to my clients that they keep it basic.  The reason why I recommend peels vs. facials is because a peel penetrates deeper into the layers of the skin, giving way to better results.  Having a facial peel will exfoliate the skin, helping to reduce fine lines and fine wrinkles-and it will also "plump up" the skin giving it an invigorating appearance. Typically, every four to eight weeks is an appropriate period of  time to allow in-between.

So there you have it-six important steps toward realizing flawless skin..  Don't forget too, that nothing ages skin more than the harmful rays of the sun, so protect it with a  product that contains SPF 30 or greater."

This article was written by Makeup Artist, Josephine Fusco for Local Luxuries.  To schedule an appointment with her call 917-583-4903.

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