Friday, November 4, 2011

Get up and walk around

So many of us, myself included, have desk jobs and sit all day.  It is so important that we take breaks from sitting and get up and walk around for a few minutes every so often!  Sitting for long periods of time can increase our risk for breast and colon cancer.  A medical study was done and it was presented at the American Instititute of Cancer Research annual conference.  The results showed a link between inactivity and unregulated cancer cell growth.  It is believed that 92,000 cancer cases recorded  each year are due to this problem of inactivity.  Researchers from Alberta Health Services Cancer Care in Canada found that active post-menopausal women had a decrease in cancer risks.  Women who took a brisk walk every day reduced the development of key biological indicators in the body that trigger cancer risks.  Office workers usually sit for 75% of their day.  Scientists also warned that even those that sit most of the day and still exercise are also at risk for cancer.
This doesn't make me feel great since I sit most of the day.  But what I will start doing is to get up as much as possible during the day and walk around.  Health companies are urging companies to introduce standing desks and meetings with standing breaks to help break the sitting pattern.
I also find the more I sit during the day the more tired I get and then I have less energy to even want to work out.  So moving around during the day has to be the answer.  Ladies (and men) start moving!!!!!!!!


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