Monday, November 28, 2011

Osteoporosis Medication or an Alternative

Hi my ladies,
I have a question for you.  Is anyone taking Boniva, Actonel, or Atelvia?  What do you think of these bone-rebuilding medications?  Now there is also Reclast, the once a year infusion.  That one really scares me.  And Fosamax.  I won't even link to that one!

Although I have worked out so much of my life, I was still diagnosed with osteoporosis.  I'm sure it is because I have slacked off over the years with exercising and have not taken in enough calcium.  Although it is really not taking in enough calcium that is the problem.  It seems like we don't get enough Vitamin D3 which is needed to help the calcium get absorbed.  Also, I have some risk factors that would predispose me to osteoporosis.
 Well now it is time to get serious.  There is really no option.  We must exercise.   Now I know that I must always work out.
My doctor strongly suggested that I take one of the above medications.  The verdict is still out on that.  I am researching these meds and not liking what I am reading.
  I am going to start a serious exercise program (hopefully) and take in more calcium, (not necessarily in the form of a pill)  and definitely Vitamin D3 in supplement form and maybe Vitamin K.
Ladies, anyone with osteoporosis using an alternative to these above highlighted medications?  I would love to hear from you!
I am reading a lot of info by Dr. Susan Brown, Phd and she is extremely knowledgeable on this subject.
Dr. Brown is against these medications and she explains why.  Dr. Brown gives us information that we can really live by!  Extremely encouraging!  Please click on her name to read more!


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  1. I took actonel and fosamax. My bone density tests were all over the place.. I went on a daily routine of yogurt for breakfast; still don't get good bone density results and have a lot of trouble with exercising but I have heard good and bad about the drugs listed. I am usually skeptical about what "they" (the medical profession) suggest & think we all have to do the best we can to stay healthy! Live long enough & they say you will get a lot of things. I just do the best I can and go by how I feel.


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