Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Apartment view

I was in NYC on Saturday and took these pics from the 29th Floor of a friend's apartment.  It was fun to take them and zoom in on what was quite a distance away.  I was out on their terrace and it was a little too high up for me but what an awesome view for a girl from the suburbs.


  1. i have to be honest, i can't imagine having that view from my 'home'. which is why i live in CA...i get to see the mountains and the ocean from my home. i consider myself very lucky for that view. don't get me wrong...i LOVE the city...but i could never live there. great place to visit tho...there's nothing like it. (i sure hope that didn't all come off as pompous...it wasn't meant to...) Hence the expression..."to each his/her own."

  2. Great pics Elyse - if I could have both the view of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Rocky Mountains - maybe 6 months on each coast - that would be heaven... Dawn

  3. Whenever i drive into the city on a clear day I see the beautiful NYC skyline. Hard to get a pix from the car. However since 9/11 it always looks like something's missing, to me. Admire your ability to focus from so far up!

  4. Dawn,
    I'm so happy that you like my pics. It was fun to take them. I like your idea of 6 months on each coast. That would work for me too!

  5. Ann,
    Yes driving into the city the skyline is awesome. Each time I comment how beautiful it is. It was fun zooming in on the bridge and all from the 29th floor!

  6. Jaime,
    It must be so gorgeous where you live! I was born in CA and have always wanted to live there! But the city IS awesome! Two totally different ways to live. There is nothing like NYC and nothing like southern CA. My friend on the 29th floor is very fortunate though because she also has a beach house so she gets the best of both worlds. Wish I could live in NYC and southern CA. The suburbs of Long Island are not that exciting. At least there is the LIRR!!!


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