Monday, December 5, 2011

A bed made of plastic bottles!

I just bought my dog a bed.  On the tag it reads:  Nearly 30 plastic bottles are reprocessed into fiber fill to stuff this bed - plastic bottles that otherwise would be buried in landfills.  I would say that is a very good example of recycling plastic! The company that manufactures the bed is Green by Arlee.  I would link to their website but cannot find it.

Teddy not showing any interest in his new "Green" bed.


  1. The search for an caddis dog beds can get pretty frustrating for owners who have dogs who love to chew. When you do finally find something that's durable enough to justify spending a few dollars on your dog

  2. My dog loves to chew. This is his fourth bed! If you know of a bed that cannot be chewed into, please let me know!


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