Monday, December 5, 2011

Can I use your phone?

When was the last time someone came into your home and asked to use your phone?

Old Telephone


  1. Elyse, How can I post a photo here? tried to post mel's photo that I put on Sandi's wall but cannot figure out how to post the photo or any photo here? & I cannot remember the last time someone asked to use my phone; my kids don't even have land lines!

  2. Hi Ann, I think to post a photo here is complicated beyond which I can understand. I think you have to use the html language. But getting back to the phones. No one asks to borrow phones anymore. And remember when we used phone booths. A thing of the past as well! I remember there was a phone booth in the high school. I put in a dime and all this change poured out! Like a slot machine!


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