Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fragrance and make-up

Hi my ladies,
 The first perfume I loved was  "Ambush" by Dana.   I can almost smell it right now.   I  also liked Love's lemon cologne.  I loved the smell of the lemon fragrance.  Whenever I smell lemon scent today it reminds me of high school, The Beatles, hanging out in town and all things sixties and seventies.  My grandmother introduced me to Jean Nate.  I would pour it all over me!  So refreshing!  What was your favorite fragrance?
Thinking about fragrances started me thinking about make-up.  I only wanted my eyes to look like Twiggy.  So I bought every different style of false eyelashes that "Richmind Way", our local discount drug store sold.    And of course I drew on bottom lashes.  And I loved Yardley of London.  Remember the lipsticks in the striped tube?  Bonne Bell Ten-o-six lotion.   I loved the smell of that too!
 Ladies can you name some names of make-up and fragrances that we wore.  Do you remember the ones that I mentioned?



  1. Elyse: I remember all the fragrances and make-up you mentioned. I also LOVED the Yardley commercials they used to have on during "The Monkees!" Do you remember Musk? I loved the smell of that, too. And do you remember we used to call you "Twiggy of Brooklyn?" You were SO cute in the 7th grade!!!!
    xxx, Bib

  2. Shalimar; think i'm going to try it again!


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