Saturday, December 10, 2011

Have a happy weekend!

  I love the spring, I love the summer, I love the fall but I DO NOT like the winter.  Although here in New York the weather has really been on the mild side for this time of year.  Winter doesn't actually begin until December 21, so I really hope it stays mild like this!!!
 This is a great time of year to go to the movies.    I heard the George Clooney movie was very sad.  Did anyone see it yet?  Please tell me!  I LOVE George Clooney and of course want to go see it!
Friday night I am going to NYC to celebrate my (baby) sister's Birthday.  We are having dinner at "Wolfgang's."
And even if it is cold outside it is still fun to bundle up and take a walk.  I am going to go to the boardwalk and look at the beautiful ocean.  A great place to people watch as well!
What are you doing this weekend?  Have a good one!

A summer pic of the boardwalk.  I'll take a late fall pic when I go.

Looks great to me.

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