Friday, December 2, 2011

Sandi Kimmel, music for the soul

Hi my ladies,
I want to talk about my friend, Sandi Kimmel.  Sandi Kimmel is an inspirational speaker, self-care expert and singer/songwriter.   Sandi is a nationally-known speaker in the healthcare arena.  She has made and continues to make appearances across the country.  Sandi has the voice of an angel.  Her voice is so beautiful and soothing.  She is truly a healer.  I know.  I listen to her music as often as I can. I especially love to listen in my car.  And if you listen to Sandi's workshop you will hear that she is also the voice of reason. She is truly an inspiration and her music is more than inspirational.
Sandi Kimmel and her husband, Patrick Murphy,  wrote "Heart Wide Open", a wonderful handbook for caregivers of all types.  There are so many helpful hints in this small book that they can change your thinking in a big way!  A must read!!!
Ladies, if you are feeling a little down in any way I urge you to get, a.s.a.p.,  Sandi's cd's and handbook!!!  You will be glad that you did!  Sandi,  her music,  and warm words of wisdom will lift your spirits and show you how to find the positive instead of the negative in life.

 Visit the below sites to read more about Sandi Kimmel and the wonderful things that she does with her music!

Sandi Kimmel and Patrick Murphy are available for workshops, keynote speeches and concerts.  Please visit their websites (highlighted above) for more info.

Sandi  and Patrick now have the most beautiful collection of  inspirational posters!  Click here to see these more than meaningful posters.

Just a few of the inspirational cd's by Sandi.

A must read handbook!

Enjoy 11-minutes of Irish heaven as you travel with Patrick J. Murphy, and his wife, Sandi Kimmel, as they set off on a magical adventure through Ireland, tracing Patrick's roots and discovering new parts of themselves along the way. Photography and direction: Patrick J. Murphy

Music: Bobbi Nikles from Fire In The Air


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  1. I am also a big fan of Sandi Kimmel (and Patrick)
    For my daughter's birthday they produced a generic song(theirs)in a beatiful CD case for her birthday present. If we had more time I could have had a custom made song done by Sandi, as well.


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