Friday, January 13, 2012

Change - it's not always for the best

I know that I have talked about this before, but must revisit this today.  I just finished having a conversation with my father, who by the way, is my boss.  We were talking about how so many things in business have changed.  One of the things that has changed in our business is how we do our photography.   We used to talk to the photographer and say "a little more yellow, a little more blue." Now everything is done on photoshop. Then we were discussing how years ago a single person would sit and write advertisements  in beautiful fonts.  That was replaced by the font on the computer.  That led to us talking about the "Kindle."
I am not a fan of the "Kindle."  My brother has one and thinks that it is great. He boasts about all the books he can download in such a short amount of time.  His great collection of books.  But his books are a piece of plastic.  I said to my dad that I think that it is sad that the children of today are reading their bedtime stories on e-readers.  They are cold to the touch and do not have the same feel as a sweet storybook.  Children will not know what it is like to turn pages and look at beautifully illustrated pictures. He does not agree with me.  My dad is an advocate for change.  He says that change is always a good thing.

My dad has this quote on the wall in his office:

When I was a little girl I loved to go to the library and look at all the books with their pretty covers.  I loved the plastic covers and the crackle sound it would make when you read the book.  And I couldn't wait to turn to the back and read what the book was about.  And then take out the book.  It was an experience.  One that the young children of today will probably not know.  Is the library also going to become a thing of the past?  I certainly hope not! 
Remember the "Golden Books."  I used to love to collect them with my daughter.  She was always excited when we bought a new one.  And we couldn't wait to read them and look at the pictures.
I know that the Kindle is a space saver.  You don't have to store your books. But isn't it a nice feeling to look at old books that you might have.  I still have a book from junior high school that I look at every so often.  I will always save that book.  Many of my daughter's books we donated to the library but many were just too hard to part with.
What is your opinion?
This is my book that I have since junior high.

No e-readers can replace these!


  1. hmmmm...I have to think about this one. I do agree that change is a good thing...but holding on to some books for sentimental reasons...I'm with you there. Mostly the ones I read to my kids. Those mean more to me than ones from my childhood.

  2. I've commented about the e readers; good & bad before. I too save certain books. If you read a lot & you have too much clutter in your life the advantages of the e-readers outweigh the disadvantages. What do you think of digital photography since you mention it?
    kind of off topic.I did not know you worked for your dad. I also worked for my dad. I remember when he decided to get a fax machine in the office. It was revolutionary! Now they are almost obsolete. I guess he was mostly "for change". However he was frustrated by technology that prevented him from getting things done. I think he would dislike all the voice menus b/c he was a people person.
    Kind of off topic but working for and with my dad was a wonderful experience.I learned a lot from him and it gave us the rare opportunity to have a real day to day adult relationship . Now my brother & I run the business and I am glad to say that we are managing successfully. It has not been easy to work with him. It is not nearly as rewarding as when my dad was there. Maybe someday it will be. Family businesses do not survive the 2nd generation statistically. I hope you appreciate working with your dad. Perhaps a generation ago we women would not have been given the opportunity?


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