Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I can't remember the year that I saw "The Who" perform "Tommy"  at the Garden but I thought that it had the most amazing laser light show.  It was absolutely wild and awesome with colors and lights beaming and unbelievable effects.  And I guess for back then it was pretty cool!
My nephew is a "Phish" aficionado.  They kind of have an Allman Brothers sound.  That is who they remind me of.  He goes to as many of their concerts as he can.  He saw them on New Year's Eve at MSG.  Today at work at the end of the day my nephew, who I work with, called me over to his computer.  He said "sit down auntie"  and I watched "Phish" perform at MSG on NYE.  Well if we thought that the concerts we went to were wild we didn't yet get to the future.
The below video is a little long so you might want to move it along a bit by dragging the ball.  I just wanted you to see how this concert led up to 12:00 on NYE.  Unbelievable!!!

This is "Phish"

What concerts did you think were amazing?


  1. have not gone to a concert in years. in 2012 i am planning to get music back in my life. I did go to some incredible concerts years ago:John Lennon in Central Park; Elton John at Cornell U in 1973; Billy Joel at Hofstra,Bob Dylan at MSG & can't forget the Bengla Desh concert with George Harrison also in the early 70s. I have a good connection for Jones Beach concerts. I did see Jimmy Buffet there a few years ago; great venue. If it's open this summer maybe we can go!

  2. Ann, you certainly have gone to some amazing concerts! John Lennon in Central Park!!! Bengla Desh!!!! We had the best music! Jones Beach is such a beautiful place to spend a summer evening. Would love to go! elyse


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