Monday, January 16, 2012


Hi Ladies,
I hear raves about the company "Eulara" and their products.  I haven't tried them yet but a friend of mine says that they are amazing!

"Eulara has developed its own line of natural skin care products based on essential oil ingredients from medicinal plants that are cultivated organically or wild crafted, and then extracted and purified without the use of chemical solvents. Eulara obtains its essential oil ingredients from many areas of the world, and the resulting products are formulated based on traditional uses of the oils, although modern chemistry methods are used to assure quality and purity." 

Essential oils are the essence of plants. They are not oily. The products Acne, Fungi and Herpes/Cold Sores are all the consistency of a thin liquid.
"The indication pages on our website explain the conditions of Acne, Fungi and Herpes/Cold Sores." 

Richard C. Honour, PhD developed the formulas for all of Eulara's products.

" Richard C. Honour, PhD, is a founder of Eulara, and is the Company's Chief Science Officer. Dr. Honour earned a Doctorate from the University of California, with special emphasis in the disciplines of microbiology, botany and plant pathology. He has worked in the biotechnology industry in the fields of infectious diseases, cancer and natural products since 1972."

If you or someone you know have any of the conditions that Eulara treats I am told that it is definitely worthwhile to use their products!

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