Friday, January 6, 2012

Have a lovely weekend!

Hi ladies,
What are your plans for the weekend?  The weather in New York is supposed to be great!  My family is celebrating my dad's birthday.  We are going to a really special restaurant in NYC....Philippe......a different kind of Chinese cuisine.
Have a relaxing weekend whatever you do!
And here are some links from around the web......

Did you ever hear about Brads Deals?  A great site.  Kind of a search engine that also offers coupon codes.  The prices are really great!  Their deals change daily.  I love these short boots.

love the New Black Label line from Chicos.

how gorgeous is this red gown!?!

some awesome subway art!

would you wear these boots?

ballet flats in every color!

I want this colorblock sweater!

how cool is this chair from Target?

Enjoy this great Beatle song!


  1. I am planning an exciting weekend nursing a very painful knee. No idea where the pain came from. Glad to have a husband to help me. Elyse, enjoy your family dinner. I lost both my parents already. I am a little envious but also happy for those of you who still have your parents. It's a blessing you may not appreciate until they are gone. I am fortunate to have a mother-in-law who I adore. Give your dad a kiss from me. How old is he?

  2. Hi Ann,
    I hope that your knee is feeling better. Sometimes we get a pain out of nowhere. Hopefully as fast as it came the pain will go away!
    Ann, I lost my mom about fifteen years ago. I miss her terribly every day. I feel for you not having either parent. My dad turned 79 on NYE. I just got back from the city and it was really nice to celebrate. Just wish my mom was there. Ann, you are a sweetheart, thank you always for your special comments. xoxo elyse

  3. You're welcome, Elyse. Despite the knee I had a really nice weekend at home. I checked out Brad's Deals.Got a few things i've been looking for at good prices I am a big internet shopper but did not know of this site. I like Zappos and Nordstrom; no deals at Nordstrom but great return policy and some good sale stuff! . I used my new and first ipod, read a little, watched some movies at home; said goodbye to my daughter whose going back to Boston for school and enjoyed a home made dinner with my husband of 32+ years. I also whitened my teeth with a crest store bought product. I think it helped & I have wanted to do it for more than 3 years. Not a bad weekend considering the knee which is getting better and I am going for an MRI. I like following and commenting on your blog and appreciate your kind words. Glad you enjoyed your dad's birthday!


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