Monday, January 9, 2012

House of Dior at The Met

The following pieces are from the House of Dior and have been on display at The Met.  Not all are on display right now.  These pieces were donated by their owners.  
Which would you choose?

"Chambord" - fall/winter 1954-55
consists of  silk, simulated pearls, beads, sequins, rhinestones, plastic

"Junon" dress - fall/winter 1949-50
Pale-blue silk net embroidered with iridescent blue, green, and rust sequins
Silk "Chérie" dinner dress, spring/summer 1947
Nuit d’Aout -  1954
"Bar" suit and jacket, spring/summer 1947
Silk shantung
Ball Gown
Christian Dior, 1953
 “May” dress  1953
"Venus" Dress - 1949
Gray silk net embroidered with feather-shaped opalescent sequins, rhinestones, simulated pearls, and paillettes
Eventail" cocktail dress, fall/winter 1956–57
Navy and royal blue warp-printed taffeta with navy horsehair band trim


  1. Elyse, they are all too beautiful to pick one. I like the 2 gold ones. I used to go to the costume institute at the Met. Loved it. Did you know Denise Blank Fleishman got the idea for her shoe inserts which was her first product in her business called gutzees, from an exhibit at that museum. check out her website; high end stufF!

  2. Each dress is a work of art! Beautiful!


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