Thursday, January 12, 2012

My flourishing plant

When I was younger in my twenties I had my own apartment.  Typical apartment for the 1970's.  Between my small kitchen and dining room I had orange beads.  I loved them.  Loved to walk through them.  And in my dining area  I had plants.  Lots of plants.  Most were hanging from the ceiling from a track.  I took such good care of my plants.  And they flourished.  And they made me smile. 
Fast forward to current day.  I only have one plant.  I had others but neglected them and when they wilted I really felt bad.  But, I have had this one plant that is so beautiful.  It gets great sun and just seems to do well.  I water it every other day and just love to look at it.  It is growing in an odd way.  Kind of sideways.  Maybe I don't have it in the best pot but honestly I don't want to move it and ruin anything.  And it really needs more potting soil but I'm afraid to do anything other than what I have been doing because it is just so perfect. 
Do you have houseplants?  Do they make you smile?
Here is a link to help you with your houseplants.  Click here.


  1. I lost my enthusiasm for plants when I killed a beautiful bonsai tree. It was truly beautiful. I try to have flowers in the house (the cheap kind you get at the supermarket) somewhat regularly. I also try to landscape the house & recently planted perennials.1 year tulips and 1 year roses. When they bloom maybe i will share them with you. I printed the article you posted about how to dry flowers & plan to try it.

  2. Hi Ann,
    I think that it is so nice that you have flowers in your house. I should do that as well. And then we can dry them. I love dried flowers.
    It definitely is upsetting when a plant dies. You feel like you didn't do enough to keep it going. Maybe just buy one plant and try again. xoxo


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