Monday, January 23, 2012

Rainbow Roses

"In 2004, two dutch companies, River Flowers and F.J. Zandbergen, experimented and successfully grew a rose that had its petals rainbow colored. As petals get their nourishment through stem, the idea is to split the stem into several channels and dip each one in a different colored water. This way all the colors will be drawn by the stem into petals and resultant rose will have all the colors in it. The same method can be applied to other flowers especially to Chrysanthemum and Hydrangea. You can use the same idea to color any flower, anyway you like."

Click here to read more about "Rainbow roses."

above text quoted by Jawad Masood


  1. Russ would have loooooved these for the wedding!! They look tie-dye!!

  2. I know! They are so pretty! Imagine having these at a wedding. I had never heard of them. xoxo


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