Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I know that for some, books and bookcases will become a thing of the past.  But for those of us who have book collections......take a look at these very different bookcases!  What do you think?  Too wild?!?

This one looks like a big question mark.

Okay, this one makes me dizzy.

This looks so comfy to sit in your bookcase and read (or nap.)

"O" my!

You can find these bookcases at Dornob.com.


  1. Despite my approval of the e readers I do not think there won't still be some books worth keeping. I certainly don't think bookcases will become a thing of the past; we still have lots of things to keep on them. and we still have those special books that we want to save forever! Maybe they will be different but we will still have them (i hope)

  2. You are right. We are not going to give up all of our books. We do have those special books that we will always want to keep and display. Also bookcases are pretty and used all the time in decorating a room.


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