Friday, February 10, 2012

Fragrance by "Scenterprises"

Ladies, you can now have your own signature fragrance. 
(and you create it yourself!) 


"DESIGN YOUR OWN" PERFUME KIT for Valentine's Day as Featured in Oprah Magazine's "O" List.

If it's good enough for's GOOD enough!!!

"Fragrance Lovers! Have you dreamed of wearing your own custom scent? This innovative gift set is ideal for Valentine's Day and for all gift occasions. Six exquisite "Oriental"perfume blends includes 'spicy', 'amber', 'floral', 'citrus', 'woodsy', 'musk' (and matching blotter strips) to be decanted into a designer-color red refillable atomizer with pipettes. An instruction guide helps you create your very own signature scent."


"Why wear what everyone else wears? Each 'blend' is crafted to be worn in combination and makes every single 'formula' a unique, beautiful creation and ideal for men and women. The term 'bespoke' is uniquely English and we typically refer to it as Custom Perfume or Custom Scents in the USA and this trend is becoming VERY popular now, as the proliferation of Celebrity Scents is becoming a little tired. People are realizing that they can wear a fragrance that reflects their own unique personality and individuality, rather than wear what everyone else wears!"

$70.00 plus shipping - Starter kit.

Available exclusively at or call 917-449-1134
Media Contact: SUE PHILLIPS SCENTERPRISES LTD, 646-350-6562,

Read about Sue Phillips and "Scenterprises" here.

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