Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hair Color

Honestly I can hardly remember my natural hair color.  I do remember that I was never happy with the color.  My hair was brown.  It wasn't a rich dark brown, it wasn't a pretty light brown.  It was just plain brown.  (Wouldn't I love to have my plain brown hair right now - the plain brown that had no gray roots every three weeks and that was so very thick.)  So I would always look at models in magazines and actresses and think that I would look better with the hair color that they had.  When I look back I think of blonde Cybill Shepherd and dark brown Ali McGraw.  So throughout the years I have gone from brown to blonde so many times that I couldn't even count.  These days it seems to me that there is even more of a choice of celeb hair colors.  There is Jennifer Aniston dirty blonde, Angelina Jolie dark brown, Michelle Williams platinum blonde, Madonna blonde,  Julianne Moore red, etc.  The list is endless.
Do you get influenced by celeb hair colors?  Is there one that you would want to have?

Actresses that made us think.....maybe I should try that hair color.......

And we all loved Lucy!

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  1. I also started coloring my hair in my twenties. Recently I tried to see what I really looked like. I'm not all grey but it wasn't flattering. So I found some pix of when I was 16. If you had asked me then I would have said my hair was "dirty blonde". Whoever came up with that name? Why would anyone want hair with that label? For 30+ years I did all kinds of things to color my hair (foils, hair painting, home hennas,you name it I did it.) After deciding not to go grey I decided to go back to my real color. I brought my sweet 16 pix to Annette (my stylist) & we did a single process (easier and cheaper) of my 16 year old color. I love it. It's all about getting back to my "roots" (pun intended but true)!


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