Thursday, February 9, 2012

Warwick Goble - The Fairy Book

The Fairy Book, a book of traditional fairytales written/translated by Dinah Maria Mulock and illustrated by Warwick Goble, was published in 1923 by Macmillan and Co. It had 16 full color illustrations.

("Is it very far from hence?  asked the wolf....")

("A young girl of wonderful beauty lay asleep on an embroidered bed.")

("The only remnant of her past magnificence being one of her
little glass slippers.")

("When the cock had now crowed for the third time,......the little men
stole down and disappeared.")

("At last she remembered her dream, rushed to the grass plot, and there
saw him lying apparently dead.")

("When the lady came she gave the handkerchief to the magician.")

("The butterfly took wing, and mounted into the air with little Tom on his back.")

("The compassionate children instantly seized hold of the little man,
held him fast, and struggled so long that the eagle let his prey go.")

("Jack....seized the hen, and ran off with her....reached the top of the bean stalk,
which he descended in safety.")

("At evening tide she climbed up into a little tree, and purposed spending the
night there, for fear of the wild beasts.")

("You have but to give me a sack, and a pair of boots such as gentlemen
wear when they go shooting.")

("I was accordingly laid in a cradle of mother-of-pearl, ornamented
with gold and jewels.")

("They were very friendly, however, and inquired her name.  'Snowdrop,
answered she.'")

("Stopping beside a fountain, she let her hair fall loose, and dipped her
weary feet in the cool water.")

("The queen threw one of the shirts over each of them, and when the shirts
touched their bodies, they were changed into swans, and flew away over
the wood.")

("Out of the fire flew a beautiful bird, who, singing deliciously, rose up
high in the air.")

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