Monday, February 27, 2012

How would you decorate?

When I was in Florida we went to Mizner Park which is a fun shopping mall in Boca Raton.  It is so pretty with the finest stores and restaurants.  We had dinner at Max's Grille.  The food was delicious. 
After dinner we walked into a furniture store called "Z Gallerie."  I thought that they had the most beautiful furniture.  I would love to decorate my home with so many of these beautiful pieces.  What do you think of these settings?  What is your decorating style?  You can visit "Z Gallerie" on line here .

It's all about vases - the bigger the better!

What do you think about this sofa back table?  I think it is outrageous!

I love these chairs and side bench with the chunky dining table
and the huge vase and flowers.

I think the blue accents really pop with the white accessories.

How awesome is this vase?

This sofa is like a bed with the inside ottoman.
Again, the vase makes a statement.

I love this mirrored piece.

I would love to sit back and read a magazine in this comfortable wing chair.

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