Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Williamsburg on Sunday afternoon

Sunday afternoon I went for a ride to Williamsburg in Brooklyn.  I have heard over the past few years how Williamsburg is being renovated.  It seems that so many young people are flocking there because it is so close to Manhattan and the rents are less.  Williamsburg has a villagey feeling to it.  Less noisy than N.Y.C.  But a lot of the same flavor.
We had brunch in a restaurant/beer garden called "Radegast Hall Biergarten."   The building is a reconverted candy factory.  A huge amount of space with old-fashioned detail.
We were definitely outnumbered by the twenty and thirty something crowd but it did not matter.  It was really enjoyable.

This pic came out a little blurry-sorry.

It was like being outdoors even though we were inside.

The building really was a work of art.  There is nothing to me that is more beautiful and authentic then incorporating old with new.

Then we walked around and went into a barber shop/hair salon. Again old and new were so beautifully mixed together.  We also went into a sweet shop.  It seems to be the theme of Williamsburg.  I think it is so great that all of the old world flavor was not taken away.  All of these stores were on E. 3rd Street.

You really felt like you were in a barber shop from the early 1900's.

So beautifully decorated.

And then the delicious sweet shop.

We tried these.......yummy!

A sampling of chocolates.

I lost the business cards for the hair salon and sweet shop.  If I find the names I will post them.

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