Thursday, March 1, 2012

Animal photos to make you smile

Photos from Omo via stumbleupon


  1. I have had 2 dogs (not the same 2) for longer than I can remember. One of the most fascinating things about having more than one pet is the interaction between them. The reason we have "Paris" is b/c we lost Samantha (family dog; best pet ever) even though I love(d) them all. I missed Sam but by then we had A.J. & he really missed Sam. So we did our first "rescue" ,Paris. Paris is NO Sam but the way the 2 dogs interact is special and sometimes not so nice. It's hard to capture it in photos b/c they don't pose for me. Interesting subject. A little different; wonder where you got these photos.

  2. Oh, I just noticed you posted where you got the photos; stumbleupon; too many websites; I just joined Pinterest. I really can't be plugged in so much; it's like an addiction!


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