Friday, March 30, 2012

Jane Fonda...looking great at 73!

She says her new book, Prime Time, is her gift to the generation that has stuck with her, in all her incarnations, through half a century. She told Newsweek, "We're the first generation to be in this situation, to be aging but also to be active and really alive. There just aren't any road maps. It's terrifying."

Fonda says she's learned to be the happiest she's ever been - after dealing with eating disorders, polictical controversy, breast cancer, three divorces, motherhood, a plastic surgery, professional triumphs and very difficult parents. (Her mother comitted suicide when she was 12 and her father, Henry Fonda was very remote.)

At 73 and going strong, she has advice for women over 60. "I've done a lot of what I want to do, and finally, after all this time, I know where I'm headed."
Keep Sex Interesting - "Get a good video of erotic massaging and treat each other to one"
Get Over Your Ego After 60 there is "less room for ego and more need for humility, balance, and common sense.
Keep Up Your Fitness - Do pilates and tai chi to keep muscles, tendons and ligaments flexible.
Challenge Your Brain - Memorize poetry, learn a new language to imporve and protect your brain.
Expand Your Friendships - Make younger friends. "At least that way not everyone you know will die before you do."
Don't Agonize Over Your lost Youth - "You couldn't pay me to be twenty again."


article via ZestNow


  1. Jane Fonda is a real symbol of our generation; even though she is a little older than I. She has always been in the limelight. I have respect for her; successfully followed her video workouts for years; and think she is a good actress. I feel like she has always been a woman of recognition during my lifetime. I knew about her book but glad to have been reminded of it. I am going to read it next.

  2. Hi Ann, her book is probably filled with a lot of great tips and advice for us. When you read it let me know. Elyse


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