Friday, March 2, 2012

Meryl Streep walks the "Green Carpet"

Meryl Streep
Photo - Getty images
Meryl Streep's regal gold Lanvin gown was actually eco-friendly.  This is the first time Lanvin has made an eco-friendly gown.  It was made from Eco Certified Fabric .   The Oscar winner teamed up with Livia Firth, the wife of Colin Firth, to join her Green Carpet Challenge .  This means that all of the dresses that Livia Firth wears are eco-friendly, recycled material, or responsibly sourced.  Firth wore a Valentino  gown made of recycled polyester from plastic bottles.

p.s.  Colin Firth wore the same Tom Ford wool tuxedo that he wore last year when he won the Oscar for "The King's Speech."  So he was recycling as well!


  1. i have to say...i think it's great that it's eco friendly, so that kind of makes me like it just a little...but i seriously did NOT like this gown. i loved the style on her...but the gold material was just awful. and i think i am the only one to not like it. but the fact that it's eco-friendly, negates my dislike. but i do feel it looks like she's wearing Christmas wrapping or those decorations you throw on a Christmas tree.

  2. Jaime you are right the fabric does look like gold wrapping paper but I still think the style looks great on her. I think that Meryl Streep can wear most styles well. She is truly hollywood glamour. And it is great that these celebs are doing this for the environment even though the designers are Lanvin and Valentino. The styles probably wouldn't look so great if they were from Mandee or Target.


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