Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Playboy Bunnies

I have to tell you a little secret.  When I was a teenager I wanted desperately to be a playboy bunny.  I actually went so far as to go to the Playboy Club in N.Y.C. (with one of my friends who also wanted to be a bunny) and ask for a job.  I then decided that my father would kill me so I left and never went back.  Well browsing the web I found these photos and it reminded me of one of my young crazy ideas.  Thought I would share these pics with you.

Hugh Hefner and some employees - 1965 opening of LA club.
Believe it or not, says one former Bunny, putting on the uniform was “liberating.” Courtesy of Playboy.

London - 1972

Hefner promoting the London Playboy Club, 1966 - Getty Images

LeRoy Neiman paints the 1970 Bunny of the Year, Gina Byrams. Courtesy of Playboy.

Hefner in London with 19-year-old girlfriend Barbi Benton, 1969.
  From Central Press/Getty Images.


A manual from the 60's - courtesy of Playboy

Hefner (left) and Annette Funicello at the L.A. club, mid-60s. Courtesy of Playboy.
Woody Allen

Frank Sinatra

The Beatles
These photos are via Vanity Fair Magazine. 


  1. It was part of our past that is gone forever. Surprised there's not a movie or TV show about life as a bunny! (or is there?)I have my dad's membership card (pretty funny momento to save). Reminds me of the days when airline stewardess's had to be beautiful etc etc. I'm glad we've come a long way ladies; but we have a long way to go!

  2. Hi Ann,
    I don't know if I heard that there is a show or they are making a show. If not it would be a good idea. My ex-husband dated a bunny and her name was "Melon." Just seemed so glamorous to me. Definitely not a profession that a women's lib person would condone. If you look at the first pic the bunnies were not so skinny. That was a good thing!
    And that you have your dad's membership card! Amazing! Elyse


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