Monday, March 12, 2012

Ted Baker London

Hi lovely ladies,
I went to Bloomingdales this weekend.  Actually just for lunch.  They have the best affordable lunches.  The most delicious salads.  We had an oriental pasta salad and a chick pea salad.  Yum!  It is so nice to sit there and eat.  And then after you walk around Bloomies for a little you can go back and get the best frozen yogurt. 
Anyway let's get down to business.  We went upstairs to browse and look at all of the things that I am not going to buy.   Fell in love with  "Ted Baker London."  One item is nicer than the next!  I snapped away to show you everything that is now on my wish list.  What do you think ladies?    

Love all the floral for Spring.

This sweater is sooooo pretty!

The dresses are gorgeous.

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