Monday, April 30, 2012

Happy Monday!

Hi lovely ladies,
How was your weekend?  I hope it was relaxing.  I was wandering through TJ Maxx on Saturday and saw such pretty things for the home. Wanted to share with you.

I hope I get closer to Paris then this!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

More beauty tricks from Woman's Day Magazine

Hi lovely ladies,
Here are more of the beauty tips from Woman's Day......more tips tomorrow.

                Pretty face            

  • Don't touch your face unnecessarily.  Breakouts can be caused by your own fingers.  Nov 1963
  • Apply cream or cleanser by lightly pressing upward-never down.  The delicate skin sags easily enough in time.  April 1942
  • For the best color match, test foundation and powder either on your face or neck (the inside of your wrist is too pale).  May 1990
  • Use foundation, not concealer (which is lighter than your skin color), to cover up redness or blemishes.  February 1998
  • Rouge should be well-blended far out on the cheekbone;  circles of rouge don't look good on anyone.  February 1938  (I remember when blush was called rouge!)
  • Before applying powder, gently blow the excess off your brush to prevent flaking.  Feb 1998
  • Never squeeze a pimple.  You may damage tissue and cause a tiny scar or pit.  April 1968
  • Freshen makeup by pressing a tissue on oily areas of the face-forehead, nose, chin.  Then smooth on a thin layer of pressed powder with a brush.  May 1990
  • Concentrate blush on the apple of cheeks,  the part that puffs out when you smile.  Nov 1976
  • For special occasions, apply your makeup earlier in the day and touch it up before you leave.  It will look more natural, and you'll be less rushed when it comes time to get ready.  May 1998
  • Powder is the only makeup applied with a downward motion-you do this to smooth down facial hairs.  October 1964
  • To stop makeup from fading during the day, apply a primer before your foundation.  April 2010
            Lovely Lips     

  • Get lips soft and smooth by using a damp, warm washcloth at night to rub off the flaky dry bits; follow with a coat of lip balm.  September 1998
  • Ease the evening switch to a redder or darker lipstick by applying it over and blending it into your daytime color.  April 1992
  • To make lipstick last longer, allow it to set for a few minutes after applying, blot lips with tissue and dust them with powder, then apply another coat.  April 1963
  • Cheeks feeling flushed?  Put on a bold lipstick;  a neutral shade will only make red cheeks stand out.  April 1969
  • For lipliner that glides on, warm it up first by pinching it with your fingertips.  February 1998
  • To keep lipstick from bleeding, pat a little concealer around your lips.  October 2011
  • Smile when you put on your lipstick-it's the best way to ensure complete coverage, corners included.  June 1998
          Glowing Skin

  • The best time to apply lotion is right after a shower or bath, when skin is still damp.   Jan 2006
  • When drawing a bath, scatter bubbles or crystals directly under the faucet before turning on the water, but drop in perfume oil while the tub is filling.  November 1959  (sounds so nice!)
  • Beautiful skin starts from within.   Include lots of vegetables, fruit and water in your diet.  September 1961  
  • Overdo it with your perfume?  Dab rubbing alcohol with a cotton ball on your skin.  The alcohol will cut the scent without altering it.  September 1992  (this is a good one!)
  • Microwave lotion for 5 seconds to soothe dry winter skin.  February 2009
  • The higher the sun, the more potent the ultraviolet rays.  You're most likely to get sunburned between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.  June 1959
  • Help perfume last longer by dabbing petroleum jelly onto pulse points before spraying on fragrance.  (perfume evaporates faster from dry skin.)  And don't forget to spritz ankles and behind your knees-scent rises.  April 1992
  • Exfoliate with a body scrub once a week to slough off dead cells that make skin look dull.  When skin is freshly exfoliated, lotion and oil are better absorbed.  March 2011  (I am going to start doing this-important for the summer)

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Imagine going to LA for lunch or China for the day!

Following is a video of what is called "Evacuated Tube Transport."   It would consist of different sized capsules that can carry cargo and people using maglev (magnetic levitation) tracks.  They would travel at speeds of 350mph to 4000mph.  In the video it says that you would be able to travel from New York to LA in 45 minutes and from New York to China in 2 hours.  Sounds so crazy to me but I'm sure that it will happen one day.  I know the same was said about flying or space travel.

Visit the website here to read more about this travel system.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Steven Tyler....always starting a new trend!

Steven Tyler is a trendsetter.  During the course of an illustrious career as the frontman in the dynamic rock group "Aerosmith"  Tyler has brought us many innovative trends including the scarves of the seventies and eighties. And who can forget last year's debut of the feather hairstyle during a most memorable season of  "American Idol." 
Now Tyler is once again stepping out with "Rolling bracelets."  These hand-crocheted glass-beaded bracelets are stunning, stylish and can be dressed up or down with your denim or diamonds!




Darker blues

  $16 each.
To purchase contact Elyse at or Andee at   xoxo

Timeless beauty from Woman's Day Magazine

Hi lovely ladies,
Woman's Day magazine has been posting helpful beauty tips for the past 75 years.  Following are a list of them and the year that they were posted.  When you look at some of the dates that they were posted you see how timeless they actually are!  I will post more of these tips tomorrow. (it's a long list)

Gorgeous Hair

Camouflage roots by zigzaging your part rather than making it straight.  Feb 1981

Brush hair from roots to ends nightly.  This distributes natural oils throughout the shaft and gives hair a healthy sheen.  Oct. 2005

Be direct when telling your hairstylist what you want, and bring photos from magazines of styles you like.  April 1971

Doing your color yourself?  Don't make too drastic a change.  Stay within one or two shades of your natural color.  October 1955

Comb wet hair like the pros:  Hold a handful at a time and work from center to ends, then scalp to center.  March 1963

Never let a stylist interfere with the natural hairline on your neck.  The hair there is cowlicklike and will stick out when it grows.  February 1976

Always rinse out conditioner with cold water to seal the cuticle and promote shine.  September 2009

Protect hair from sun damage with a scarf or hat.  June 1938

Keep a blowout lasting days longer by sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase.  September 2009

Change your part to boost body and volume.  April 2010

Avoid frizz:  Use only a widetooth comb, especially when hair is dry.  January 1940

If you color your hair, look for sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners, which don't contain harsh detergents.  September 2009

Stop flyaway hair!  Spray Static Guard on your comb or brush.  Or smooth an antistatic dryer sheet along your head.  February 1990

Beautiful Brows

Soften skin before tweezing by dabbing with a cotton ball soaked in warm water or cream.  April 1963

Tweeze in the direction the hair grows.  April 1971

Don't change the place where your brows peak and never pencil the whole brow.  Instead, only fill in holes.  November 1976

Use only the side of a sharpened brow pencil-not the pointed tip-so as not to draw a hard line.  Jan 1938

For unruly brows, apply hairspray to an old toothbrush, then brush brows upward and outward.  September 1992

Bright eyes

Treat your eye area gently.  This is the most delicate part of your face.  Cleanse with care; blot, never
rub.  September 1961

Reduce puffy eyes by splashing with cold water or applying a cold compress (ice cubes in a washcloth): 15 seconds on, 15 seconds off.  October 1987

When you put on mascara, don't lower your chin-that's how mascara gets on our lid.  April 1971

Get eyeshadow to stay in place by priming lids with moisturizer and foundation.
 October 2011
Always use your ring finger to apply moisturizer or concealer to the eye area.  
  It puts the least amount of pressure on the skin.  November 1990
Never put mascara on lower lashes; it casts a shadow on your undereye, making 
the area look darker.  March 1968
Open up eyes: Apply a light eyeshadow (like ivory or gold) just above the
 lashline and along inner corners of your eyes.  March 2010
Stop pencil eyeliner from smudging by applying powder shadow (in a matching
 or slightly darker shade) over the pencil.  November 1992
Switch to brown mascara for a softer look for day.  February 2010

all of these tips are from "Woman's Day Magazine"

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Have a great weekend!

It's late Saturday night now and even though the weekend is already half over I just wanted to say to have a good one whatever you do!  It's supposed to be rainy tomorrow in New York.  I found this cute video on Youtube posted by daianeyahoo.  Hope it makes you smile. xoxo

Friday, April 20, 2012

Paul McCartney

Today I listened to this on my way to work.  Love his new music!

Do you wear flats out on Saturday night?

                               image via Jezebel                           

I have skinny feet so shoe shopping is not one of my favorite things to do.  Unless I am getting boots most shoes are too wide on me.  Very frustrating with all the great styles to choose from.  On occasion I get lucky and find a pair that semi-fits.  At least when I am trying them on in the store.  Of course when I am actually walking to wherever I might be going (we are talking about heels) my feet start to hurt and then in about a block I just need to take my shoes off.  Especially if I am in N.Y.C.  How happy I would be in flats!  It is just so easy to walk in flats.  I love them!  But somehow I just don't feel "right" wearing flats on a Saturday night,  unless where I am going is casual.   I don't know, maybe if they were so special, but they would still be flats and I would not feel "dressed right."  Even though I am only wearing leggings I still feel like I need to be in some sort of a heel.  When I wear a heel I just feel like I look better.....taller, slimmer, etc.  Do you agree or do you wear flats on Saturday night?

These flats might change my mind.......
Belle by Sigerson Morrison
Yosi Samra
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Yosi Samra
Derek Lam
B Brian Atwood

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Paul McCartney

Listened to this on my way to work today.  It is just so pretty!  Paul McCartney singing the standards from his new album "Kisses on The Bottom."

Buy it here.

Dick Clark

American Bandstand
(credit: AP Photo)
Yesterday we lost a big part of our youth when Dick Clark passed away.  He was the forever young teenager.  He never seemed to age.  Dick Clark introduced us to Rock n Roll.  He introduced us to all the singing stars that we loved.  He was "American Bandstand."  But it didn't stop there.  Dick Clark brought us so much over the years.  He brought us game shows, award shows (Golden Globes, American Music Awards, etc.), pageants, and of course the New Year's Eve countdown.  He was the ultimate host!!!

New Year's Eve in Times Square, December 31, 1996.
(credit: AP Photo file/Wally Santana)

I think this is such a great photo.  Dick Clark,  executive producer,  and Michael Jackson
reviewing the script for the American Music Awards in 1993.
(credit: AP Photo)

Dick Clark, we will miss you!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The prettiest wedges for Spring and Summer

 Hi lovely ladies,
I was in Kohls the other night and saw the prettiest wedges.  The pair below look exactly like Missoni. They are by Candies!  You don't have to shop expensive to find great style!   xoxo

The best leggings ever!

Splendid at Bloomingdales

Splendid plus size

One of my friends asked me today if I knew of a good pair of leggings.  Well I wear leggings almost every day.  I wear them to work (they are so comfortable), I wear them to the gym, I wear them to just hang out and I wear them to go out on Saturday night.  You can dress them down or you can dress them up.  I don't wear short tops with leggings.  The top has to cover my butt.  To work I just wear a long, sleeveless tank top with a long or short cardigan over it.  On a Saturday night I would wear a flowy top.  The thought of wearing jeans is usually painful to me.  How can you wear skin-tight jeans after wearing comfy-soft leggings.  And it's not like the leggings are unattractive.  They are not. My daughter and I have gone on leggings searches.  We have tried many.  We narrowed it down to two brands that we like.  One is "Tart" and the other is "Splendid."  They are both amazing!  My favorite Tart leggings have a zipper on the sides by the ankle.  I have lived in these leggings.  Tart leggings are harder to find than Splendid.  You can buy Splendid leggings at Bloomingdales.  And now that the weather is warmer, Splendid has cropped leggings.  They are light-weight and soft and perfect for the warm weather.  You can't imagine how much cooler you feel with the length being just a few inches shorter.  I don't know what I would do without leggings.  And don't listen to anyone who says that a lady over fifty should not wear leggings.  They are WRONG!   Find Splendid leggings at Bloomingdales.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Fishery

This past weekend I went to a local restaurant called "The Fishery."  It is open all year but it is so nice in the warm weather because they have an outdoor deck.  In the much warmer weather they have live music every night.  I was there Saturday and it was so pretty to sit by the water  and have an iced cold Coors lite and listen to oldies music.

The swan on the rock is expecting!  Her baby's daddy is standing nearby.

Seafood Taco.

Seafood sliders and unhealthy fries.  (I ate 2 or 3)

A boat anchor.

Drink coffee or tea for your health

Hi lovely ladies,
There is new research out that says that our morning coffee or tea is beneficial to our health.  The most benefit comes from the caffeinated versions.  (I drink decaf but might switch one cup a day to caffeine)  But researchers say that even decaf has some benefit from other compounds such as the antioxidant chlorogenic acid in coffee.  A 2011 Harvard study found that female coffee drinkers who averaged four cups a day cut their risk of endometrial cancer 25% and with three or more cups of caffeinated coffee they lowered their odds of basal-cell carcinoma 20%.  Both coffee and tea may also be mood boosters.  Coffee has been linked to a decreased risk of depression and tea is linked to less anxiety.  (when I drink a cup of caffeine coffee I have to say that my mood does change for the better! I wasn't just imagining it!)
This part I don't like.....adding creamer interferes with the absorption of antioxidants.  And creamers can also contain partially hydrogenated oils which contain heart-damaging trans fats......I have to rethink my french vanilla creamer :(  We should use soy or almond milk instead.  (cow's milk is also suggested but that's another blog more cow's is not good for us!)
The tea's mentioned with the most benefit are black, green tea (rated the best), white and oolong....all members of the Camellia sinensis family have health benefits such as aiding in fighting infections and slowing cognitive decline.
Coffee brewed without a paper a French press or espresso pot...retain an oily residue that contains cafestol, a substance that raises LDL (bad) cholesterol .

So, ladies let's meet for coffee!

This info was taken from an article by Rachel Meltzer Warren in March 2012 Good Housekeeping Magazine.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Madonna's Truth or Dare

Madonna was at Macy's Herald Square Thursday night launching her new perfume "Truth or Dare."
She wore a sheer Dolce and Gabbana dress over a bodysuit.  Ladies what do you think?  Do you think there is an age when you just should not wear something anymore?  I have very mixed feelings about this.  Obviously Madonna at 53 has an amazing body so you can say "why not?"  I get upset when people tell me what I can or cannot wear because of my age.  But obviously I don't want to look rediculous.  But I want to have fun with fashion and feel sexy.  Every woman has the right to feel sexy.  I say wear what you feel comfortable in.  Look in the mirror.  How do you look in that outfit?

You can buy Truth or Dare here.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Have a swinging weekend!

photo via Pinterest
The weather in New York is supposed to be great this weekend!  Do you have any special plans?  I definitely want to head down to the boardwalk.  Whatever you do have a good one!  xoxo

Titanic fashion

What Would You Wear on the Titanic?
by drn

ASOS ballerina flat shoes
$45 -

Evening hand bag
$450 -

Titanic 1

by cohl2106

Opal ring
$3,750 -

Forzieri white lace glove
$75 -

Vintage hat
$650 -

via Polyvore
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