Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The best leggings ever!

Splendid at Bloomingdales

Splendid plus size

One of my friends asked me today if I knew of a good pair of leggings.  Well I wear leggings almost every day.  I wear them to work (they are so comfortable), I wear them to the gym, I wear them to just hang out and I wear them to go out on Saturday night.  You can dress them down or you can dress them up.  I don't wear short tops with leggings.  The top has to cover my butt.  To work I just wear a long, sleeveless tank top with a long or short cardigan over it.  On a Saturday night I would wear a flowy top.  The thought of wearing jeans is usually painful to me.  How can you wear skin-tight jeans after wearing comfy-soft leggings.  And it's not like the leggings are unattractive.  They are not. My daughter and I have gone on leggings searches.  We have tried many.  We narrowed it down to two brands that we like.  One is "Tart" and the other is "Splendid."  They are both amazing!  My favorite Tart leggings have a zipper on the sides by the ankle.  I have lived in these leggings.  Tart leggings are harder to find than Splendid.  You can buy Splendid leggings at Bloomingdales.  And now that the weather is warmer, Splendid has cropped leggings.  They are light-weight and soft and perfect for the warm weather.  You can't imagine how much cooler you feel with the length being just a few inches shorter.  I don't know what I would do without leggings.  And don't listen to anyone who says that a lady over fifty should not wear leggings.  They are WRONG!   Find Splendid leggings at Bloomingdales.


  1. I usually get my leggings from but those look good enough to give them a try!

  2. Definitely try Splendid! And we found another that is great by C & C! They are a bit thicker so warmer in the winter and also stronger against rips!


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