Thursday, April 19, 2012

Dick Clark

American Bandstand
(credit: AP Photo)
Yesterday we lost a big part of our youth when Dick Clark passed away.  He was the forever young teenager.  He never seemed to age.  Dick Clark introduced us to Rock n Roll.  He introduced us to all the singing stars that we loved.  He was "American Bandstand."  But it didn't stop there.  Dick Clark brought us so much over the years.  He brought us game shows, award shows (Golden Globes, American Music Awards, etc.), pageants, and of course the New Year's Eve countdown.  He was the ultimate host!!!

New Year's Eve in Times Square, December 31, 1996.
(credit: AP Photo file/Wally Santana)

I think this is such a great photo.  Dick Clark,  executive producer,  and Michael Jackson
reviewing the script for the American Music Awards in 1993.
(credit: AP Photo)

Dick Clark, we will miss you!

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