Friday, April 20, 2012

Do you wear flats out on Saturday night?

                               image via Jezebel                           

I have skinny feet so shoe shopping is not one of my favorite things to do.  Unless I am getting boots most shoes are too wide on me.  Very frustrating with all the great styles to choose from.  On occasion I get lucky and find a pair that semi-fits.  At least when I am trying them on in the store.  Of course when I am actually walking to wherever I might be going (we are talking about heels) my feet start to hurt and then in about a block I just need to take my shoes off.  Especially if I am in N.Y.C.  How happy I would be in flats!  It is just so easy to walk in flats.  I love them!  But somehow I just don't feel "right" wearing flats on a Saturday night,  unless where I am going is casual.   I don't know, maybe if they were so special, but they would still be flats and I would not feel "dressed right."  Even though I am only wearing leggings I still feel like I need to be in some sort of a heel.  When I wear a heel I just feel like I look better.....taller, slimmer, etc.  Do you agree or do you wear flats on Saturday night?

These flats might change my mind.......
Belle by Sigerson Morrison
Yosi Samra
Marc by Marc Jacobs
Yosi Samra
Derek Lam
B Brian Atwood

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