Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Drink coffee or tea for your health

Hi lovely ladies,
There is new research out that says that our morning coffee or tea is beneficial to our health.  The most benefit comes from the caffeinated versions.  (I drink decaf but might switch one cup a day to caffeine)  But researchers say that even decaf has some benefit from other compounds such as the antioxidant chlorogenic acid in coffee.  A 2011 Harvard study found that female coffee drinkers who averaged four cups a day cut their risk of endometrial cancer 25% and with three or more cups of caffeinated coffee they lowered their odds of basal-cell carcinoma 20%.  Both coffee and tea may also be mood boosters.  Coffee has been linked to a decreased risk of depression and tea is linked to less anxiety.  (when I drink a cup of caffeine coffee I have to say that my mood does change for the better!....so I wasn't just imagining it!)
This part I don't like.....adding creamer interferes with the absorption of antioxidants.  And creamers can also contain partially hydrogenated oils which contain heart-damaging trans fats......I have to rethink my french vanilla creamer :(  We should use soy or almond milk instead.  (cow's milk is also suggested but that's another blog post.....no more cow's milk.....it is not good for us!)
The tea's mentioned with the most benefit are black, green tea (rated the best), white and oolong....all members of the Camellia sinensis family have health benefits such as aiding in fighting infections and slowing cognitive decline.
Coffee brewed without a paper filter.....in a French press or espresso pot...retain an oily residue that contains cafestol, a substance that raises LDL (bad) cholesterol .

So, ladies let's meet for coffee!

This info was taken from an article by Rachel Meltzer Warren in March 2012 Good Housekeeping Magazine.

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