Monday, April 16, 2012

Madonna's Truth or Dare

Madonna was at Macy's Herald Square Thursday night launching her new perfume "Truth or Dare."
She wore a sheer Dolce and Gabbana dress over a bodysuit.  Ladies what do you think?  Do you think there is an age when you just should not wear something anymore?  I have very mixed feelings about this.  Obviously Madonna at 53 has an amazing body so you can say "why not?"  I get upset when people tell me what I can or cannot wear because of my age.  But obviously I don't want to look rediculous.  But I want to have fun with fashion and feel sexy.  Every woman has the right to feel sexy.  I say wear what you feel comfortable in.  Look in the mirror.  How do you look in that outfit?

You can buy Truth or Dare here.


1 comment:

  1. I think people should be free to dress how they want. i think Madonna looks damn good although it's not my taste; not b/c it's see through but it's just too much. I do not think there is an age when you should not wear anything that you like and are comfortable in. If more young men and women saw what we really look like perhaps we could eliminate all these crazy eating/body image disorders. changed your pix, Elyse? go for it!


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