Friday, April 13, 2012

Saks in N.Y.C. for the afternoon

                       Beautiful random pieces in Saks.

Alice & Olivia for Spring

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  1. Did you just walk through the store alone? Did you buy anything? Perhaps if you show this to Denise Blank Fleischman she would have comments. She was working there and now has moved to Jo Malone but also located in Saks. Maybe I'll put this link on her timeline. Maybe if you go again she can take you on a little walk through? Meantime I pinned 2 outfits I liked & were on sale; 1 from nordstrom, 1 from blooomingdales. a day or so after i pinned them to my pinterest site, i clicked on them and found them in my size at nordstrom rack and both with big mark downs! Bought them both!


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