Thursday, May 24, 2012

American Idol winner Phillip Phillips

Last night I watched the finale of American Idol.  I really didn't watch the show this season because I joined the gym and felt that that was much more important and I write my blog at night so I really don't watch much television.   I did watch the auditions in the beginning.  The first time I saw Phillip Phillips sing my daughter and I said that he will definitely win.  Fast forward to last week.  I was curious to watch the show to see who the finalists were and Phillip Phillips was one of them.  The night before last I watched and it was Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips.  Jessica Sanchez has an unbelievable voice.  I think that she can sing anything.  Like Randy Jackson says "He or she can sing the phonebook."  (which they actually did last night.)  On the finale show last night Jessica Sanchez sang with Jennifer Holliday.(I am telling you)  It was an AWESOME performance.  But then there is Phillip Phillips with a different kind of voice.  I don't know.  Maybe a combination of Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon, Joe Cocker, Dave Matthews.  He can also sing the phonebook!  An unbelievably different kind of a voice.  I would run to see him in concert.  (I wouldn't run so fast to see Jessica Sanchez although her voice is absolutely gorgeous.)  Phillip's voice is just special.  Well he won!  He sang what will be his first single and IT IS AMAZING!!!  Congratulations Phillip Phillips!!!

And here are the finalists singing the phonebook.....

p.s.  I certainly can't leave out Steven Tyler and Aerosmith!

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  1. as adorable as phillip is...i watched the whole season and he never should have won. but it IS subjective...and i guess his style just isn't for me. BUT...his song that will be his first single...i did love. that was the ONLY performance i loved of his the entire season. but he's so adorable and humble that i'm not upset he won. jessica will still make it. and that final performance with jennifer holliday...unbelievable. i saw her in dreamgirls 3 times because she's so incredible and still doesn't disappoint.


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