Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blue nail polish

Hi lovely ladies,
What do you think of these blue polishes.  I've never really considered
 wearing blue
 but these are just so pretty.  Years ago when the movie "Cabaret"
 came out I wore
 frosted green nail polish like Liza Minnelli wore in the movie.
  I loved it.  I'm
 usually a "Waltz" or "Marshmallow" person for my nails as well 
as my toes
 but these blues.......would you?

Nail polish
photo by NYT Style

The colors:
1. Sephora - 56 Electric Blue
2 & 6. Color Club - All In and Jewel Tone Blue
3 & 7. Essie - St. Barths Blue and Aruba Blue
4. Opi - Lincoln Park at Midnight
5. Orly - Blue Collar


  1. do a search on Pinterest for nails. It is incredible what people have done to decorate their nails and I do mean decorate. I have 1 pinned to my page but i've seen better ones that I have not pinned. some for holidays; red, white and blue for july 4. apparently there are sophisticated kits that help you design them if you don't want to or cannot have it done at a local salon. you'll love what you see - i think you might make a board of just nails. some people do. i didn't b/c i dont' do my nails much anymore but i think i might try that 4th of july one. let me know what you find and what you think.

  2. The colors are beautiful......just not for my nails.

  3. I like movie. Liza Minnell is my favorite. I like her all fashion . She is polished. And this blue nail polish, I just love it. I would like them on my toe nail. Awesome.
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