Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Hi lovely ladies,
I haven't written yet this week.  I have had a bad sore throat, headache and cold.  So when I got home from work I just couldn't write.  I'm sneezing like crazy.  Needless to say my co-workers are not happy with my bad cold.  But I didn't start it.  Someone else in the office did and now it's my turn and I guess it will make the rounds.
This past Sunday was my daughter's graduation from grad school.  She received her Masters Degree in Special Education.  She worked so hard for it and I am a proud mom!  Something that I never in a million years could have done.  Graduation is very emotional.  When they play "Pomp and Circumstance" your eyes whelm up with tears.  My tears were those of joy and sadness.  Joy that my daughter was receiving her degree after years of hard work, student teaching, lesson plans, observations, etc. and sadness that my parents weren't there.  My mom passed away many years ago and my father was not able to be there.  So it was bittersweet.  I wanted them to see this joyous occasion. 
Before the graduates get their degrees they announce all of the Masters that are going to be given out.  It is all very emotional to say the least.  Then after the Masters Degrees the Doctorate Degrees are given out.  As each graduate receives their degrees they are called Doctor for the first time.  Surreal I'm sure to say the least!  What a beautiful ceremony from start to finish! 
We have many trying times in our lives that when we can experience something so sweet it is just so good!!!

p.s.  I will upload pics later.....at the office now.  xoxo

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