Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ice-T and Coco


There is something so endearing about this couple.  I love watching their reality show on Sunday night.  You can tell what an amazing relationship they have.  Ice-T does not have to do this reality show.  He clearly does it for Coco.  It is so obvious how much Ice loves Coco.
  US Weekly listed 25 things that we didn't know about Ice-T.

1. I'll never say no to a friend. That's why they always ask me to loan them money!

2. I can't imagine what life with be like without my wife [Coco, 33].

3. The last time I cried was when Coco and I renewed our wedding vows [in June 2011].

4. I love grape Kool-Aid.

5. As a kid, I dreamed of being a bank robber.

6. In fact, that was my first job!

7. My favorite artist is Prince.

8. I had my best vacation in the Bahamas.

9. If I could time travel, I'd go to the Roaring '20s.

10. I'd recommend my memoir, Ice, to anyone. It's the best book I've read!

11. I love all kinds of cereal.

12. My worst subject in school: all of them.

13. My most embarrassing moment was getting diarrhea while performing at a concert.

14. Harvey Keitel is my favorite actor.

15. I prefer to be indoors.

16. The first famous person I met was my neighborhood crime boss.

17. My best decision was giving up a life of crime.

18. I hate slow Internet load times.

19. I'd love to go to Africa.

20. I think I look like an armadillo.

21. I'm a diehard video gamer.

22. My favorite item of clothing is sneakers.

23. Getting robbed at gunpoint was my scariest moment.

24. My favorite memories are of Christmas when I was a child.

25. I can't name the coolest thing I've done. Everything I do is cool.

This post is from "UsWeekly"

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