Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's all in the presentation

I thought that these presentations were very appealing.  Yum!

A fun dessert table at a bridal shower.


  1. I love a beautiful party. Everything looks so pretty. I particularly like the decorated staircase. Where did you find these pix? As you know I don't cook but the presentation is so appealing to me I may just have to figure it out. Beautiful dishes: are they yours? if not would you share with us where you got everything? What a great idea to stand up the wraps! I wish I was making a party for something wonderful so I could use all beautiful decor.

  2. I love the desert table! It's always fun to make it different and exciting by adding things like candy and a super sized cupcake instead of a traditional cake. The presentation of this table is great and I'm sure everything was gone in a matter of minutes!


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