Friday, May 4, 2012

Kentucky Derby 2012

This weekend is the138th running of the Kentucky Derby.  It is held annually on the first Saturday of May in Louisville, Kentucky and will take place this Saturday May 5th at 6:23 pm.  It will be televised in the U.S. on NBC.  The Kentucky Derby follows a week-long festival in Louisville.
The race is known in the United States as "The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports", "The Fastest Two Minutes In Sports", and "The Run For The Roses" because of  the blanket of roses (554 to be exact) draped over the winner.   The Kentucky Derby is the first leg of the US Triple Crown.  The next is "The Preakness Stakes" and then "The Belmont Stakes."  The horse must win all three to win "The Triple Crown."
Well it certainly is exciting if you are into horse races.  But enough about the race----let's talk about the fashion!
It's all about "The Hat."  And do we mean HAT.  They are really spectacular to say the least. Most of the hats are the southern belle design.  Some are soooo extravagant while others are more conservative.  I guess that this depends on the personality of the person wearing the hat.  Some women believe that wearing these spectacular hats can bring good luck to their horses.  But it is really just about showing off elegant fashion and spectacular hats.  This year Kate Middleton is definitely going to have influence on the fashion at Churchill Downs.  Probably a little bit more subdued.  But who knows the hats have never been subdued before.  It is an event to "Strut your Stuff."

Kentucky Derby 1938.

Would you want to go to the Kentucky Derby and wear one of those amazing hats?  I know I would!
Check out more about the Kentucky Derby Hats here.

Sorry that I cannot give credits for the photos.  If you know who took these please let me know and I will give credit. 


  1. Beautiful Blog; and so timely. I never was a hat person but they certainly do make a statement. I did wear a hat with my wedding dress & that was considered "avante garde" in 1979. Never been to any of the 3 races but love the fashions & have the idea to have a Kentucky Derby party next year, hats, betting and all.
    I have been to Lexington, Kentucky and it is a beautiful place; horse farms all over & quaint if I remember it right. Would love to go again and this time to the Derby. I wonder if it's hard to get in b/c so many rich and famous go there.

  2. Thanks to you Ann. Thank you for the idea. The hats are wild. I'm not a hat person either. I just have one for the beach. I would love to see the hat you wore to your wedding. What a great idea to have a Kentucky Derby party. "Hats required."
    Lexington, Kentucky is definitely another place that I would love to visit and to go to the Derby that would really be awesome! xoxo


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