Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Father's Day

By Ann S. Mindicino

If you are interested in the history of Father’s Day there is little information. It is a "Hallmark Holiday." Mother’s Day was so successful that Father’s Day was declared a holiday as well. You can find the history here:
There are probably too many of these days.  Everyday should be one that we recognize and express our gratitude to those who are significant in our lives.
How do you incorporate Father’s Day into a world filled with “deadbeat dads”; “absentee dads”; families with “2 dads or 2 moms” and “blended families”? Family dynamics have changed so much. 
One thing has not changed. Dads are very important in children’s lives. If you are lucky enough to have a dad (no matter what you call him) in your life celebrate the day and let your dad know you appreciate him, even if it is a Hallmark holiday.

My favorite Father’s Day gift is a book I gave my dad a few years after his first grandchild was born in 1983.   I wrote in the book for my father and he then, wrote in it for my son. It is one of our family’s most precious possessions.  Below I will share a few pages with you. Now, with the help of computers you can create all kinds of these memoirs. There are also some you can make yourself. You can customize these more than the ones available to buy.  This one was done in 1989 and my Dad passed away in 1998.  I like this so much because my dad filled in the pages with information about his life and his values that my son would never have known and I may have forgotten.  The children in the family, someday, will be the true recipient of this gift. It will become a glimpse into who came before you and them, what their Grandfather's life was like and how special you were to your Father, Grandfather or whomever.
Happy Father’s Day to all Dads and Granddads!

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