Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Floatation for health

Imagine just floating on your back in water but not having to try to stay afloat.  How relaxing could that be?  The closest that I could imagine is floating on a float in a pool on a beautiful day and just not thinking of anything too important.  Just vegging and relaxing.  I can't remember the last time I did something like that but just the thought of it sounds so nice.  Well now you can float and relax summer or winter.  "Floatation locations" are popping up all over.  It seems to be a new business.  Or at least new to me.  A one hour session is $80 in Manhattan.  There are packages available.
The substance that keeps you afloat is epsom salt. That is 1,000 pounds of it!  Epsom salt has many great benefits such as detoxifying impurities from your body.

Below are the benefits of floatation that are listed on the website of Blue Light Floatation.
  • reduces stress and related diseases
  • lowers blood pressure
  • cleanses the body of lactic acid and other body wastes
  • speeds healing
  • allows the mind to learn information more rapidly and comprehensively
  • relieves pain from injury and ailments
  • creates harmonious brainwave patterns
  • promotes hemispheric and whole brain integration
  • enhances creativity
  • is instrumental in eliminating addictive behavior
  • These and many other measurable effects last during the floatation period and for weeks afterward. The effects are cumulative.
It sounds like an amazing thing to do but I would prefer to do it outdoors or in a larger indoor area.  I think that I would feel very closed in.  They do pipe music in and you can control the lightness and darkness in the room but I would still feel too claustrophobic.  Would you do something like this?

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