Sunday, June 3, 2012

Have a great weekend.

Hope that you are having a nice weekend.  The weather in New York was really beautiful today.  I went shoe shopping.  Next week is my niece's wedding and she requested that everyone wear colors.  I am wearing a black dress so I decided to wear colorful shoes.   I found these shoes  and they are really wild.  (pink and purple combo!)  The heel is high but they have a platform so they seem comfortable. (walking in my bedroom that is)  You can tell me what you think.  I can handle it!  When I get dressed for the wedding I will take a pic so you can see how they look.  Not 100% sure that I am going to wear them.
Have a nice rest of the weekend!  xoxo elyse

and talking about weddings......just found on youtube via Pinterest the absolutely coolest marriage proposal ever..........


  1. I love these shoes! You have to wear them with the black dress! I only wear platforms and find most of them to be very comfortable. After dancing all night long at a wedding the only thing that will feel great is a pair of slippers, but platforms are ten times more comfortable than a high heel without them. I can only last five minutes in those. Besides, platforms are fun and these are perfect!

  2. BTW you should be a foot model!

  3. VIdeo just made me cry! Beautiful!


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