Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Pink vintage decor

This is an industrial loft in Barcelona.  I love the neutral white background with the pop of pink.  You wouldn't think that it would work but I think it looks awesome.  I would love to decorate like this.  Would you?  What color would you pick to accent with? 

Refrigerator right out of the fifties.

The painted white beams are so authentic.

Love the painted white brick.

So cozy and vintage.


  1. I love eclectic decorating. However I could only live with that Pink color if it were in a room I didn't use often. I don't have any rooms we don't use. That's the main problem I have with this interior.

  2. The fushia with the industrial space really makes a great statement. I have always loved industrial rooms.

    1. Hi Angelia,
      I too love the statement that it makes. I have always loved how an industrial space can be made into a beautiful home. elyse


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